Child abuse is one of the most regularly occurring events in many homes every day in different parts of the world. It is the worst case of abuse because the person being dealt with the abuse cannot fight back. Children have always been fine-tuned to follow and obey. When the people inflicting abuse are the same people supposedly caring for the child, then this is a scenario that is very dangerous for both of them. The people handling the child are given authority in their own areas. Associated with that authority is the assumed power over the child. This is one that cannot be prevented over time and one that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Child abuse

Child abuse is not as simple as physical abuse. The kind of abuse that someone imposes on a child has many forms and types. And as people who want to protect a child, we should always watch out for tell-tale signs that the child is actually being abused. Caring for a child does not only mean providing physical needs like food, water, and shelter. Providing complete care for the child will also involve love, safety, and security. You cannot say that a child is fully being taken care of until you can ensure that the kid is not being abused in any way possible.

Securing the future

We should always look at a child as the people who will lead the future generation. He can be the one who will be on the front lines someday. He is the one who can either bring his generation to a higher level of success or someone who can usher them into ruins. The future can be bright or bleak depending on his situation right now. Providing a happy and safe present life for them is what we should aim for. The earlier they are given a happy, content, and peaceful life, the better they will be in the future. They will be excellent leaders who will also protect the children of his generation.


We are a nonprofit organization that deals with child abuse cases in the Netherlands. We have partnered with the local government to raise awareness of people about child abuse. Child abuse is happening right at this very moment. You may be on your Amsterdam holiday or Amsterdam city trip right now but at the same time, a child is being abused today. This must be stopped right now. We cannot think that everything is going okay in the world just because we are getting everything in our own lives. We must look at a brighter future not just for yourself and your family but also for other children as well.

Help us put a stop at child abuse. Our website visitors can donate to our cause and help a child out of abuse. We are also in need of people who can go to schools and other institutions to talk about child abuse that is happening in different sectors of society. Anyone who can do logistics, marketing, operations, and other support are welcome to give assistance to the advocacy of our organization.

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