Zweth Heul is a nonprofit organization that aims to support children in the Netherlands who are not able to protect or care for themselves. it was established in 2015 as a way to provide awareness and help to children in the country who are in dire need of shelter, food, and protection from abuse.

Table of Contents

Who we are

We know how important loving care is for a child. No one wants to be raised in an environment where abuse is fostered. We are raising awareness to families and to government agencies the importance of caring for children not just in adoption homes but even in normal families.

Abuse can be in any form or shape. A family can be going on regular Amsterdam city trips but the kids can still feel abused. We are opening the eyes of our website visitors to the real world. We should always look out for the kids whether they belong to a family or not. Children should live in a world where they can freely dream and think about their future.

What we offer

We belong to a coalition of organizations that help the government raise awareness on the abuse that children go through all their life. Sometimes, families are not aware that they are abusing their child. Neglect of care for children can result in years and years of negative effect to them which can be transferred to their own kids. The abuse must be stopped as early as possible. Hope is still present in the mind and the heart of children. All they need is someone to nurture and care for them.