Most frequently asked questions and answers

Child abuse is a very broad topic that encompasses a whole lot of actions toward a child. This can be physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect. Sometimes, abuse can easily be recognized just like physical abuse. But when a child is abused emotionally or is being neglected by the people around him, it is harder to identify and pinpoint that a kid is being abused.

You can first talk some sense to the person abusing the child. This is when it comes to emotional abuse or neglect. Emotional abuse and neglect are two types of abuse that are sometimes done because the people handling the child is not aware that what he is doing is actually abuse. If you see someone physically or sexually abusing a child, you need to call for help from the nearest police station. Report the act and do not leave the child unattended if possible.

If you are a child and is being abused by his parents or by his caretakers, you can send us a message here or call our contact number. We will do our best to resolve the issue and protect your rights.

Yes, definitely. But it will take all our efforts to solve the problem of child abuse. Our website visitors have to work at it. We have to work at it. We chose to build a website for child abuse prevention is because we want to extend our reach to as many people as possible. We can prevent it if we do our part.

When you are aware of child abuse in your area, the best thing to do is to report it right away. You can also talk to the person concerned in case he is not aware that he is abusing his or her child.

No, we do not. The donations and charity funds that we collect from private individuals and companies all go to our daily operation of raising awareness of child abuse prevention.