The illusive Orion’s Belt

Be sure to check the Michelin start restaurants on your next Amsterdam holiday. Although Michelin doesn’t provide the detailed grading system and all inspectors remain anonymous, here are the general criteria of the coveted stars and how to earn them.

One star

The restaurant is considered very good in its category but is limited in some way. Ingredients don’t have to be expensive or rare like truffles or foie gras but have to have quality ingredients. This restaurant has a quality menu and prepares cuisine to a consistently high standard, but it may lack a unique element that would bring people back over and over again. You can visit those restaurants on your Amsterdam canal tour.


Two stars

The restaurant has excellent cuisine delivered uniquely. This restaurant has something exceptional to offer and is worth a detour to visit while traveling. Involving the chef’s mastery of flavors and cooking techniques, It should include a total experience like a wow factor, from the attentiveness of the service staff and ambience to food.

Three stars

diningThe restaurant has exceptional cuisine and is worth a special trip just to visit. Rather than being a stop on the way to a destination, this restaurant is the destination. This restaurant serves distinct dishes that are executed to perfection just like madame Tussaud. Considering Michelin inspector visits a restaurant two to three times, with different inspectors visiting each time, before making a decision. The consistency of the food should always be the same even when the restaurant is having a bad day like when staff does not show up or suppliers fail to deliver.

Is It Worth Pursuing?

The most prestigious honor given to a restaurant, it is considered as a hallmark of fine dining by many of the world’s top chefs. The stars are not easy to obtain and are awarded to the best restaurants in each particular city. Star recipients gain immense prestige and exposure along with the honor, and many restaurant owners also see an increase in business after receiving Michelin stars.